In the spring of 2020, Shakespeare is Dead asked over 100 international theatre professionals the following question: which voice, which international author or which play deserves to be translated into Dutch and introduced in our theatre field?

A total of 97 plays were submitted, by 74 different authors, from 43 different countries and 31 different language areas. After reading all the plays (in English, French, German or Spanish), a selection committee drew up a longlist of 30 texts, from which these were eventually chosen.

Burkina Faso * Aristide Tarnagda * Façons d'aimer
Canada * Chelsea Woolley * Enormity, Girl, and the Earthquake in Her Lungs
China * Si'an Chen * Underpass
Germany * Maria Milisavljevic * Beben
Finland * Pipsa Lonka * Second Nature
Cameroon * Edouard Elvis Bvouma * Not koko's notes
Kosovo * Jeton Neziraj * Department of dreams
Slovenia * Simona Semenic * We, the european corpses
UK * Jasmine Lee-Jones * Seven Methods of killing Kylie Jenner

These texts and authors will be presented to the public at the festival in February. In dutch translation during staged readings and in the domestic language during readings in the living rooms of the international community in Leuven.

SID international selection
De staat van de jonge toneelschrijver

De staat van de jonge toneelschrijver

our generation is often seen as
a lost generation
we feel lost
or we have lost something
a kind of idealism or collectivity
but I have the feeling that we have
actually gained a lot
compared to previous generations
in insight
in consciousness and self-awareness
in modesty
and certainly in sensitivity

Read the State of the Young Playwright as delivered by Anouk Friedli on Friday 25 February at the first edition of Shakesepeare is dead, contemporary playwright festival.