Shakespeare is dead is the very first playwriting festival in the Dutch language area. The festival aims to put our contemporary Dutch-speaking playwrights on the centre stage, not only for their own Dutch-speaking audience but also in a wider, international context. What is more, the festival serves as a meeting place to discover work from various other linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

a label
From February 2021 onwards, all new playwriting activities will be tagged 'Shakespeare is dead' or in short 'SID', which should make it easier for an interested audience to spot projects that spring om the creation of a new theatre text.

a platform
Shakespeare is dead is also a platform that allows people to meet and unfold new networks, a platform from which they may share and exchange ideas, news and opinions. A platform, also, where we will make available our expertise.

an international festival
The apex of Shakespeare is dead is the international festival in February 2022, which will feature a selection of playwrights, plays from around the globe and an international visitors programme.



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