Besides the international selection, recent Dutch texts will also be featured in the staged readings. These texts will be read in English.On the occasion of the festival, they will also be translated into French and German.

The selected texts are:

Eric de Vroedt * The Nation
Bog (Lisa Verbelen, Sanne Vanderbruggen, Judith de Joode, Roos Euwe, Benjamin Moen) * MEN.
Michael Bijnens * Huid
Vera Morina * Volim Te
Frank Siera * Ongerijmd
Anna Carlier * Hertenleer
Dounia Mahammed * Salut Copain
DE HOE (Wannes Gyselinck & Ans Van den Eede) * Vanish Beach
Freek Mariën * Wachten en andere heldendaden
Nico Boon * 21.02.2021, de wereld in één dag, één dag in de wereld
Stijn Devillé * Geel Hesje

SID* Dutch selection
De staat van de jonge toneelschrijver

De staat van de jonge toneelschrijver

our generation is often seen as
a lost generation
we feel lost
or we have lost something
a kind of idealism or collectivity
but I have the feeling that we have
actually gained a lot
compared to previous generations
in insight
in consciousness and self-awareness
in modesty
and certainly in sensitivity

Read the State of the Young Playwright as delivered by Anouk Friedli on Friday 25 February at the first edition of Shakesepeare is dead, contemporary playwright festival.