The international playwriting festival  Shakespeare is dead aims to put contemporary Dutch-language playwright in the spotlight and be a meeting place to discover international work. Shakespeare is dead is the very first festival in the Dutch language area that focuses on the art of playwriting.

In anticipation of the festival, which has been moved to February 2022, we proudly present this website. Over the past months we have developed a unique digital platform that collects all information on the art of playwriting. The website maps the world of playwriting and serves as a knowledge base where playwrights, but also other interested parties, can find all kinds of information about publishers, residencies, awards, training and so on. There is both a concise overview and a series of long-read articles that go deeper into the organizations, trainings, residencies... from the network. Moreover, the Shakespeare is Dead platform keeps you up to date with the latest news and events from the world of theater writing.

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De staat van de jonge toneelschrijver

De staat van de jonge toneelschrijver

our generation is often seen as
a lost generation
we feel lost
or we have lost something
a kind of idealism or collectivity
but I have the feeling that we have
actually gained a lot
compared to previous generations
in insight
in consciousness and self-awareness
in modesty
and certainly in sensitivity

Read the State of the Young Playwright as delivered by Anouk Friedli on Friday 25 February at the first edition of Shakesepeare is dead, contemporary playwright festival.