You're Moses. Napoleon. Beyoncé.
Let's get this image right.
Asiya Rao standing defiantly against the influx of illegals.
The bold, refreshing antidote to the paralytic woke brigade.
The leader this country so desperately needs.

In her bid to become the country's leader, Home Secretary Asiya Rao prepares to make a major policy announcement that will establish her as the front runner of the political race. Alongside her cut-throat and calculating advisor Phoebe, she embarks on a publicity stunt starting with a photo shoot by the white cliffs of Dover. But rather than the tide washing her reputation clean, something else washes up...

An omen or an opportunity? The women are determined to keep their eyes on the prize, no matter the cost.

Bold, satirical and uncomfortably funny, Exodus explores systematic deception and the indifference to human suffering.

Uma Nada-Rajah's debut full-length play premiered at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, presented by National Theatre of Scotland, as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase, August 2022.

Uma Nadja-Raja - Exodus