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Paula Thielecke, born in Berlin Lichtenberg in 1990, is a director and playwright.

Her text Judith Shakespeare - Rape and Revenge was nominated for the Retzhofer Drama Award in 2021. It was invited to Heidelberger Stückemarkt 2022 and is one of the three winning plays of the Autor:innentheatertage 2022 of Deutsches Theater Berlin; Judith Shakespeare - Rape and Revenge has been translated into three languages.

Thielecke's work runs at Staatstheater Cottbus, E.T.A. Hoffmann Theater Bamberg, Schauspielhaus Graz, tjg.dresden, Theater Baden-Baden, Neues Theater Basel, TD Berlin, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Schauspiel Köln, and Staatsschauspiel Dresden. Her work focuses on themes such as violence, survival, becoming a subject and desire. In addition to her work as an artist, her heart beats for revolutionary theory - and practice. In the 2023/24 season she will write and direct Mein Herz Dein Bunker-290 BPM at Deutsches Theater Berlin.




"Let me imagine, what would have happened had Shakespeare had a wonderful gifted sister, called Judith, let us say," wrote Virginia Woolf in her novel A room of one's own.

Author Paula Thielecke takes up precisely this idea in her play Judith Shakespeare - Rape and Revenge and writes a rousing, witty and pointed play: Judith is here a young, so far rather unsuccessful woman who only gets a job interview with a theatre director because she passes on her brother William's mobile phone number. But the theatre cosmos is anything but benevolent - not only does she repeatedly encounter power games or sexism, but she also has to discover that her brother is not only a beneficiary but also a perpetrator.

Paula Thielecke - Judith Shakespeare - Rape and Revenge