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Thomas Depryck (1979) is a Belgian playwright. He works mainly, but not exclusively, with the De Facto company, directed by Antoine Laubin.

Depryck has already written a dozen plays, including Dehors, Le Réserviste, Le Bousier and Quand les oiseaux ne chantent plus. He has also already won several awards including the Georges Vaxelaire prize in 2013 and the Heidelbergerstückemarkt international author prize in 2016. For Macadam Circus, he became a laureate of the Artcena Commission in 2018. Depryck also teaches theatre writing courses at the Conservatoire de Mons and the Institut des Arts de Diffusion.



Macadam Circus is the polyphonic story of a man who, walking through the streets of a big Western city like so many others (hectic, dirty, polluted and depressed), suddenly comes face to face with a small elephant that no one else seems to see. He decides to take it home and names it Ganesh. His wife moans a little. His son is overjoyed. What to do with it? Minor problem: you cannot keep such an animal at home without bearing the consequences.

Thomas Depryck - Macadam Circus