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Femke Van der Steen (1999) grew up in Friesland and moved to Belgium when she was thirteen. She is an actress, theatre maker and writer. In 2022, she graduated as Master of Drama from LUCA School of Arts. She is active in theatre as well as TV and film. She makes performances under her own name and in collaboration with Runa Robbroeckx, Tristan Feyten and Stan Martens under the collective OVERHERE. Her first play under her own name, Mater (2022), was selected for Theater Aan Zee and nominated for the Toneelschrijfprijs 2023, where it won the Translation Award 2023.


In five stories, eight women navigate through history and the present, imagining an alternative future. They explore their fears as well as the fears society has for them, the feminine, the natural and the chaotic.

Mater is a playful ode to the darkness of women, the hidden, the contained, that which inevitably and hysterically rears its head; an ode to change.

Femke Van der Steen - Mater