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Annelies Verbeke (Belgium, 1976) writes mainly prose and theatre texts. Among others, she wrote the novels Slaap! (2003), Reus (2006), Vissen redden (2009) and Dertig dagen (2015), the short story collections Groener gras (2007), Veronderstellingen (2012), Halleluja (2017) and Treinen en Kamers (2021). As a playwright, she has written several texts for actor collective Wunderbaum and other Dutch and Flemish companies. Verbeke's work has been translated into 26 languages, making her a frequent guest beyond the borders the Dutch-speaking world. She is part of author's company Fixdit and KANTL.



A performance about the privileged position of white people and their lack of sense of it.

In Here We Go Again (White Male Privilege), three educated, white Western Europeans nearing their forties react to a held-up mirror reflecting an unfashionable past and a complex present. A mirror they find increasingly difficult to look past. From their modern office, three colleagues try to define their role in the racism debate. Gradually, they sink further and further into a moral quagmire, where fatigue and hypersensitivity are always around the corner. A human zoo with white people.

Annelies Verbeke - Here We Go Again (White Male Privilege)